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Dog Shampoo Bar


Treat your pooch to a luxurious bath-time with this natural handmade dog shampoo bar. Specifically formulated to be gentle on dog’s sensitive skin, it combines deep cleansing with excellent moisturising qualities. It contains the purest blend of olive and coconut oils with cocoa butter and shea butter for added luxury. Essential oils of Rosemary, Sweet Orange and Lavender combat unwanted odours and leave the coat gently cleansed and delicately scented.

As an additional benefit, bran has been added to lift ground in dirt and to help produce a tangle-free coat.


Price: 3.45

Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Acid Supplement


Natural Pet Answer is a dietary supplement for all animals (and humans) containing a rich source of Fulvic Acid Minerals, which have been known for centuries to have amazing natural healing abilities on all forms of life.

It is only when toxins are allowed to accumulate and build up in your animal’s system, and when there is a lack of essential nutrients in the diet, that disease and problematic behaviour occurs. Fulvic Acid not only provides all 75 trace minerals that every living cell needs in order to thrive and be healthy, but also crucially REMOVES toxins from the cells, allowing them to function properly.

Research and testimonials show that this new Fulvic Acid product may be useful for digestive health, joint health, coat conditioning, energy and increasing vitality to older pets.

Price: 11.99


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