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Paper Potter


Award winning Paper Potter to make your pots from old newspapers. When seedlings are ready to plant out, transplant them in their bio-degradable paper pots. Made by Nether Wallop Trading Company.

Dimension of pots: 4cm diameter X 4.5cms high.

Price: 9.95

Water Powered Shower Radio


As seen on BBC and ITV news. FM radio music, news, and chat in the shower using only water power, with this neatly designed and innovative water powered FM shower radio.

It's simple to fit, between the taps and the hose, when you turn on the water, the water flow powers a mini turbine inside the radio which creates the right amount of energy for a clear sound and excellent reception.

Simple to fit - no tools required - can be installed by anyone in a matter of minutes. Full instructions included.

Price: 34.99

Water Powered Shower Timer


The world's first shower timer, driven by just the water pressure of your
shower water. Counts the time that you have been in the shower and
gently reminds you via a sequence of coloured lights when its time to
get out! Uses the latest technology of miniature water turbines to create free energy.
Saves water, saves energy.

Simple to fit – no tolls required. Can be installed by anyone in under a minute.

Price: 19.99


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